The Power of a Good Deed: How a Little Kindness Can Grow Into Something Big


I can’t wait to share this book with you. It’s called A Good Deed Can Grow, written by the amazing Jennifer Chambliss Bertman – you may know her from the Book Scavenger series – one of my most favourite series ever! So, when my agent told me I was being offered to illustrate a book with Jen (whom I’ve been a fan of for years), let me tell you: I squealed! It was a dream come true! And then, when I read the synopsis and realized that this book was about kindness, one of the main themes in my art? Well… The cherry on top was really just icing on an already amazing cake!
This book has been one of my favourite books to illustrate. Not only is it about a subject that means a lot to me, but it gave me the opportunity to really push myself in the layout and composition of the book. There is a lot of white space in the illustrations – which was intentional. Not only did it allow the illustrations to breath and make space for characters and good deeds to shine on the page – but also helped the story flow through one page to another until finally reaching its conclusion on the last page where there is no white space at all.

A Good Deed Can Grow will be in bookstores February 7th, 2023! But you can pre-order on Amazon.

What good deed will you do today?!

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