A Message In The Moon

A Message In The Moon

About the Book

A message in the Moon was inspired by Roma Downey’s Own story of losing her mother when she was just ten years old and the comfort her father brough her. Years later, when Downey left home for college, her father pointed to the full moon and told her,

“Whenever you feel alone, always look into the night sky, and you’ll be reminded of how much I love you. I’ll leave a message for you in the moon.”

That simple comfort remains with Downey today, and now she is passing it on to parents and children alike.

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Printables for kids

Download our collection of exciting and engaging coloring pages designed especially for kids! These downloadable coloring pages are perfect for children of all ages who love to get creative with colors and bring their imaginations to life.

A Good Deed Can Grow

A Good Deed Can Grow

A Good Deed Can Grow Like A Seed...

Joning a loving community as they work to create a better world.

No Matter How Big Or Small

Whether planting a garden or visting a sick friend, picking up litter or playing music at the senior center, kind actions can spread like a ripple, impacting the lives of others for the better.

Released February 7, 2023

Holly Hatam Illustations Inc.

Hair Twins

Hair Twins

Featured On The Today's Show

By: Raakhee Mirchandani
Illustrated by: Holly Hatam

A Sikh father and daughter with a special hair bond proudly celebrate and share a family tradition in this charming story perfect for fans of Hair Love and I Love My Hair!

Every morning,

Papa combs through his daughter’s waves like he does his own–parting them down the middle, using coconut oil to get all the tangles out.

They call this their hair twin look

Some days he braids her hair in two twists down the sides ofher face. Other days he weaves it into one long braid hanging down her back. But her favourite style is when he combs her hair in a tight bun on the top of her head, like the joora he wears every day under his turban.

Released May 4, 2021

Dear Girl

Dear Girl

This book is for you. Wonderful, smart, beautiful you.

If you ever need a reminder: just turn to any page in this book and know that you are special and you are loved.

Dear Boy

Dear Boy

Dear Boy

Celebrate the good guys in your life with Dear Boy, a #1 New York Times bestseller. A gift to share for Father’s Day, graduation, birthdays, or any day you want to honor your dear boy.

The heartwarming and inspirational Dear Boy, is the follow-up to Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s beloved Dear Girl. Amy’s daughter, Paris, and husband, Jason, the author of My Wife Said You May Want to Marry Me: A Memoir, teamed up to create this love letter.

With the same tenderness as Dear Girl, Paris and Jason’s charming text and Holly Hatam’s stunning illustrations will make any boy reading this book feel that he’s amazing just the way he is—whether he’s offering a helping hand, singing in a choir, or reaching for the stars.

…be kind

…always trust magic

…and pursue your dreams.

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